Support Workers


Carers Collective provide a team of support workers who lead the way in providing in home daily support and exercise therapy for those with spinal, neurological conditions and more.


Carers Collective pride on being a boutique care provider, we are genuine with our relationships and welcome you as an extension of our family. Our team take your goals seriously, though we like to keep things simple and have philosophy of treating the individual not the condition.


Based on the Gold Coast, Carers Collective service areas between Northern Brisbane to the Tweed Coast. 


Spinal Cord Injury, Brain and Neurological Conditions. 

We have 6 years of spinal cord injury experience working with a C2 ventilated quadriplegic, incomplete quadriplegics and complete paraplegics. 

Carers Collective appreciates the value of relationships and the power of lifetime care. During our time as your care provider we will offer the following and more:

  • A high concentration on In Home rehabilitation with designed programs from neurological doctors and occupational therapists.

  • Flexible hours from 24 hour care to 4 hour minimum. 

  • Community participation including socialising at events, shops, beaches, school and university. 

  • Social Participation including travel, sporting events, going to local bars and festivals. 

  • Travel overseas, we have extensive knowledge and confidence on how to travel and applying for all certifications to travel.

  • We will help you on your journey to independence, from discharging from hospitals to living independently. 

  • Helping with the changes in lifestyle and unlocking your full potential mentally. 

For a complete list of all Carers Collective experience, please use the Contact Us page to submit your enquiry.

Disability Travel

Travel is inevitably perceived as a barrier for those with disabilities. Director Joshua Fuimaono has a great amount of experience travelling to countries such as Japan and Bali, Indonesia. Joshua speaks intermediate Japanese, and will be able to show you authentic Japan whilst travelling around the country with ease via train network. Should you wish to travel elsewhere, please contact us and we can forward your details to a suitable experienced travel advocate. 


Call today for a friendly conversation about moving forward with Carers Collective on 0424 820 884.