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Carers Collective Family

What sets us apart, binds us together.

family is a big deal at carers collective.

it's our culture, our way of doing things and how we see you.

When you do life with us, you get collective support from a team of people who want to see you thrive.

Our female and male carers are chosen for their team work approach, with many of us from sporting backgrounds.


We’re here to get to know you and understand your world from the pain you feel on the outside to the hurt you feel within.


With love and empathy, we peel away those fragile layers and help you rebuild your life, starting with a clean slate.

Meet Joshua Fuimaono,

Founder & Director.

Family man and ex-professional Rugby Union player, I’ve learnt a thing or two about pain and love.

I first stepped into a carer’s role at the age of 16 when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As I nursed dad, I discovered my nurturing nature and that trauma goes deeper than the physical.


I remember that I’d go to school and be just a boy, and then come home and be a carer, rather than a son. Family dynamics shifted and I grappled with all that was before me.


I recognise the pain and hurt that you might feel from your spinal injury or neurological condition. And I see the way it effects your family and friends, where they become carers rather than mates, siblings or mum and dad.


When I became a father, my daughter was born seven weeks premature. She needed 24 hour intensive care for five weeks. The care and love the hospital gave my family ignited in me the passion to care for families like yours and help you grow past your trauma.

After almost a decade of working in disability support, I began Carers Collective in 2019.

It's All In The Family.

Steeped in family values, we give you holistic care that’s as personal as it is extraordinary.

Everything we do is aimed at rebuilding your family connections.


One way we do this is by releasing your parents from the care role so they can go back to being mum and dad. They can remain as involved as you like and we value them as family.


With us by your side, your relationships don’t have to shift because of your acquired injury or condition. As your supporters and cheerleaders, we take the pressure off and help you achieve your goals and live life your way.


From daily support to help to get back out there, we’re here to see you live your wildest dreams.

We’re here to help you feel confident and comfortable as you reshape your life. 

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