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Holistic disability services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

When you join our family, we build a team of dedicated, consistent carers around you who get to know you like kin.


Everything is possible. We see challenges as opportunities and will do whatever we can to turn the difficult into doable.

Our NDIS care provides you with family-like support that helps you heal beyond the physical.


Focusing on your emotional, psychological, physical and relationship needs, we’re here to help you grow past your trauma.



Support Work

Getting up and ready for the day, driving you to appointments or the gym, we’re here to help you on the daily.

Meal prep, help to meet your mates or just a familiar face who’s there when you tackle a long-held goal, we’ll be by your side to make things easier.



When you need medical attention at home, our registered nurse can come over and help you. We can work with you, your doctor and health care professionals for:


  • Tracheostomy & ventilation management

  • Complex bowel care

  • Catheter management

  • Complex wound care

  • Administering medication

  • Emergency check up Assessments


Spinal cord injuries

We’re experienced in all levels of spinal cord and acquired brain injury care. Our expertise with C2 ventilated quadriplegics, C4-5 quadriplegics, C7 quadriplegia, T7-T11 paraplegia and amputees gives us solid understanding of what you need to do life your way.


Our high intensity personal support takes care of your:

  • Catheter management

  • Bowel management

  • Tracheostomy & ventilation management

  • Wound care

  • Community nursing

  • General personal care

  • Housework

  • Hygiene

  • Meal preparation

Listening to you and how you want your routine done is key for us. We do it all your way because that’s what we’re here for.


Supported independent living

If you live outside the family home in shared accommodation, you’ll love living with others on your wavelength.


We can give you 24/7 support in your shared home to build your capacity and give you the independence you crave.


We’ll do things like cook meals together, tackle public transport, hit the shops and get out and about. Personal care, medication and behaviour management are also daily essentials we can take care of for you.


As a registered provider we also offer restrictive behaviour support.


Community access

Being part of things going on around you keeps you connected. Trying new activities, revisiting old ones and discovering places you like to hang are out all things we can make happen.


Our community support covers things like:

  • Getting you to appointments, helping you in the appointment {or waiting for you while you’re there} and driving you back home

  • Help with getting to, and doing, therapy

  • Attending and getting around uni, school or work

  • Shopping, getting a haircut, playing or watching your favourite sport

  • Carers Collective community days {you don’t want to miss these!}

  • Other experiences and trips you dream of doing



When your regular carer needs a break, we’ll be there.


Your partner can step back and parents can go back to being mum and dad, while we take over with round the clock help. That includes basic expenses in a 24 hour period related to providing respite care:

  • Suitable short-term accommodation for you

  • Help with self care or community access activities

  • Overnight support

  • Food

  • Negotiated activities


We specialise in Gold Coast respite packages with endless amounts of fun to suit your interests, including Sea World and Movie World.

We’re a collective of experienced carers who give more than a helping hand and:

Bring big picture vision that sees your trauma.

See the ripple effect it has on your relationships.

Know how important it is to reach new milestones.

Understand how deeply you want to build a life you love.

NDIS support with eyes, arms and heart wide open.

If you have a complex neurological condition or spinal cord injury with high intensity or complex needs, you’ll feel at home with us.

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